Naval Cannon

The 24 Pounder Ship’s Gun.

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Look around any former British colony and ex Naval or Artillery smooth bore cannon can be readily found in museums or mounted as monuments. Less so the wooden carriages that supported them in service which have typically not survived. As a result details of correct gun carriages are very hard to come by. Many replicas exist, but these are often not period correct.

This booklet aims to address that. The primary focus is on replicating a 24 lb. Naval Gun as used by the Royal Navy through the 18th and into the mid 19th century.

It contains complete specifications and fully detailed plans for the construction of a 24 pounder, plus formula and basic dimensions to construct any gun from 4 to 42 pounds.

More importantly there are fully detailed plans and specifications for a 24 pounder wooden carriage, including the 82 items of metal ware required for its completion, and the formula that stood for around 150 years as the basis for gun carriage design. This data can be used to make any carriage for a 4 to 42 lb. gun.

The information in the book is based on the published writing of two contemporary sources:

John Muller (1699 – 1784), who held senior academic positions at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwhich and was a keen supporter of practical research, and;

John Robertson (1712 – 1776), who amongst other posts was Master of the Royal Navy Academy, Portsmouth. While in that role Robertson measured a number of guns and carriages and published dimensions of what he thought were representative samples, plus the formula for replicating them

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45 pages of history, notes, references, specifications, plans and representative markings. A4 format as a pdf file (about 8″ x 12″, 210 x 297mm). About 4.5mb.

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